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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps for
Hot Water &
Space Heating

An Air Source Heat Pump
Lightning Leaf

An air source heat pump will generate heat for use in the home/commercial premises helping to offset the demand required from the national grid or other source. Read more about how they work further down this page.

Air Source Heat Pumps from Horisun

Horisun install only market leading MCS accredited systems

The coolant in the heat pump absorbs the heat energy in the fresh air outside and then passes it through a compressor which increases its temperature. This provides it with enough energy to heat your home or provide hot water. This is just like how fridges work but in reverse. Heat pumps can generate up to four units of heat for every unit of power they use.

Air-source heat pumps are less disruptive than ground source heat pumps to install since they don't require laying pipes in your garden and are consequently quicker to fit. Units are usually sited near the back door or in the garden.

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