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System Servicing

Just as you would a boiler or a car, a renewable energy system requires some servicing and maintenance.

Solar PV:

  • Solar PV should require very little maintenance. A PV system installed by Horisun carries a 2 year workmanship warranty. The panels carry an 80% efficiency guarantee for up to 20 years and the inverter will have a 5 year warranty which is often extendable with the manufacturer.

  • Monitoring your PV system's generation on a monthly basis should give you an indication if everything is running smoothly and generating electricity efficiently but remember the UK has vastly different solar irradiance between Summer and Winter. E.g. Your system will generate significantly more in July than it will in December.

  • A Horisun Solar PV service will include checking the cleanliness of the panels, checking for shading which may not have been present at the time of install (neighbouring buildings, trees that have since grown, lamp-posts that have been installed etc), checking the wires, wiring and connections are sound.

  • Replacement components for the system and further remedial work will be chargeable separately.

Solar Thermal:

  • Solar hot water systems are typically low maintenance, but it is important to follow your installer’s guidance. Solar water heating systems installed by us has a two-year workmanship warranty and 5 years or more for the panel warranty.

  • Once fitted, we will leave written details of any maintenance checks that you can carry out to ensure everything is working properly. This normally includes visually checking a pressure gauge to ensure there are no leaks on the system and monitoring the temperatures on the controller.

  • If you are not getting hot water or the solar pipework is cold when the pump is running on sunny days, you should check the controller for warnings, and then contact us for a visit.

  • For peace of mind, we offer an annual service check. This will cost less than a full service and takes around 10-20 minutes.

  • You should have your system checked more thoroughly every three years. This will involve draining and flushing the system and replacing the fluid. This is because over time the anti-freeze protection offered by the glycol will reduce. Leaving it for longer than three years can be detrimental to the system’s efficient operation.

  • If you’re leaving for a summer break, you should leave your solar water heating system running. Our solar controllers offer a ‘holiday’ function that will help protect the system if you are away for a few days – but don’t forget to turn it off when you return.

  • A Horisun Solar Thermal Service includes, draining down the system, checking for leaks, re-pressurising with antifreeze solution and ensuring the pressure holds, circulation is good and heat is transferring.

  • Replacement parts and further remedial work are chargeable separately to this service.

Air Source Heat Pumps:


Contact us to book an engineer for your service visit or submit the form above!

Gas Boiler:

Horisun Renewable Energy is a member of the Gas Safe Register and can offer domestic boiler servicing

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